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A New Alternative to Acrylics?

A New Alternative to Acrylics?


Can Gelly Tips be the next big thing? 

Acrylics have been the standard for nail art and design for decades, so why are we changing that?  Well, Gelly Tips by Kiara Sky has been marketed as:

"The easiest nail extension at your fingertips! Kiara Sky's Soak Off Gelly Tips are pre-shaped and ready to go. These innovative nail extensions provide a lightweight, easy-to-apply, time saving alternative compared to traditional nail enhancements. Specifically designed to last up to 3 weeks without any lifting or chipping! Our Gelly Tips are soak off and can be easily removed without damage, so you can switch up your manicure as often as you'd like! A salon style manicure has never been easier."

Let's talk about it 😌

  • Ready to go! We like that there's no extra shaping and filing. Acrylics can be labor intensive and messy in the preparation stage. Being able to skip those steps and have the shape applied as fast as press ons is a game changer!
  • Easy-to-apply! It really is user friendly and Kiara Sky releases so many tutorial videos that covers the basics that anyone can pick up on it. 
  • The price! If we break it down you're getting a bang for your buck. The whole system is $100 and it includes: 
  1. Prep (15 ml)
  2. Primer (15 ml)
  3. Builder (15 ml)
  4. Top Coat (15 ml)
  5. Gelly Tips of Selected Shape (500 pcs)
  6. Beyond Pro Flash Cure LED Lamp

We're able to sell it about $10 cheaper than Kiara Sky's website too so you're saving on that as well! 

  • Customization. Since they're already a set shapes that's what you're working with. It's a great base don't get me wrong, but you won't have the same control over the shape like acrylics do. 

Final Thoughts

This works great for people that are beginning nails and want something that isn't so intimidating to start with. All you really need is the kit and some gel polishes. This is also for the nail techs that are more focused on the design aspect of nails. Since the prep takes little to no time, the rest of the session can be used to focus on the art.

For nail techs already accustomed to acrylic, it might feel like another gimmicky trend, but it might be worth investing in or switching over. Investing in it gives techs a multifaceted way of bringing money in. It's also another skillset you can put under your belt. Switching over completely might be scary, but it is considerably cheaper than traditional acrylics. 



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